Stephen James
Professional voice actor, award-winning voice coach, director, producer, agent

An exquisite voice talent with a "flavour" of England

"You provide your script, any script, and I will provide the voice..."


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Voted "Louisiana's favorite vocal coach" by readers of the national industry publication, Backstage. (May 7th, 2015)

Telephone: 504-355-9673 - Cell: 228-424-0544



Stephen James Voice Actor has a rare versatility borne of 40 years' experience, which enables him to fulfill just about any role required. His training has included Standard American English and the combination of that and his native British accent makes his natural voice perfect for commercials, narrations, voice-to-camera, animations, audio-books, and video games.

In addition, Stephen has developed several character voices and performs many British regional accents, including Irish and Scottish; while he also produces standard as well as characterized American accents.

Click on the individual demo tracks on the demo pages Demo Reels and Character Demos to listen to Stephen's range and versatility. An American accent demo reel is currently in production.

I was delighted to be invited by Sudie Landry to be the subject of a recent installment of her TV series "Louisiana Heart Beat". And thank you, Sudie, for the opportunity! It was a pleasure to work with you and your crew.

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Video ©2015 Sudie Landry/Lousiana Heart Beat. Used with permission.